Wholesale SIP Pricing for Carriers

With our very large portfolio of SIP carriers we also offer aggressive, low cost Wholesale SIP Termination and Origination rates. We have many carriers who exceed sub penny termination rates well over 120,000 NPA/NXX exchanges and a variety of specialized rate decks that are suitable for all or part of a Carrier’s traffic.

Please see below for some of our unique offerings that may be a fit for you to place in your Least Cost Routing tables. If any of these offers need clarification for what they are please contact one of our Telecom Experts to discuss.

  • NPA/NXXy Rate Decks- Great for Political Campaigns that concentrate heavily on calls in specific zip codes within a city.
  • LRN Decks with Blocked Ported Numbers
  • DNIS Billing Rate Decks
  • Flat Rate Decks under .006/minute 80/20 Blend
  • Rate Cap decks- Customer Decides on the Cap
  • Off-Net Unrestricted as low as .012/minute
  • 1/1 Billing Rate Decks
  • NPA/NXX Toll Free Rate Decks
  • Tiered Origination Inbound Rates without CNAM starting at .0025
  • Tiered Origination Inbound Rates with CNAM starting at .0029