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What Caller ID Should you use for your dialer calls?

If you are already using a SIP Dialer you probably know by now you can outpulse a Local DID at a very inexpensive monthly fee but if you are still on a PRI Dialer and have been holding back from sending out a Local DID for your campaigns because of the cost the world has become wide open for you because of SIP Trunking. There are 3 types of numbers you can outpulse with your dialer, a local number where your Call Center resides, an 8XX (toll-free) number and lastly a number outside of where your Call Center resides, preferably in the same region of the consumers/businesses you are dialing. There are some occasions where outpulsing your local number might be the best strategy as an example, a Call Center in Las Vegas calling for a Major Hotel to consumers who have opted in for information on that Hotel. But for the majority of Call Centers you can expect a higher Answer Ratio and better List penetration if outpulsing a local number of the region you are dialing. The best strategy by far is the latter and can lift your answer rate 30% or more vs an 8XX number and about 15-18% vs any number outside of the area you are calling. People are more inclined to answer the phone if they recognize the number as appearing to be from a Local company. Many Call Centers prefer not to push out their Caller ID Name for obvious reasons but if your marketing department has determined that your Call Center is of the kind where it is advantageous or needs to be outpulsed for Regulatory Compliance reasons then by all means do it. Some carriers will not deliver Caller ID Name (CNAM) so be sure you find out if that is the case with your carrier(s). Lastly some Telco providers are set up only to deliver Static CNAM so if you run multiple campaigns and want to be sure your CNAM is delivered for all your various CNAM you use for specific campaigns then you will want to use a 3rd party provider who has aggregated all USA area codes to ensure your Caller ID Name is delivered. For a Free Analysis & Evaluation of your Call Center Voice traffic please call us @ our Toll Free Number 1-888-632-4228 or if you would like to receive our Blogs please click this link.

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