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Voip is Ready for Your Toll-Free Calls


Even though legacy telecom circuits are still the choice of the majority for contact centers, Voice over IP continues to make large inroads and is quickly replacing legacy telecom circuits. In the past there was much hesitation on switching to VOIP because of concerns of downtime and call quality issues, especially for large Toll Free volumes of calls but now that all the large incumbent carriers are all building out IP networks contact centers are not only seeing significant savings with VOIP and also comparable reliability along with more flexibility than legacy telecom.

Let’s address some of the hurdles and barriers to migrating to voice over IP, otherwise known as Sip Trunking. In the minds of some IT departments and upper management are concerns such as the necessity of fork lifting existing PBX systems, increasing current bandwidth, and upgrading or modifying the current IT infrastructure.

Forklifting existing PBX systems:

On the surface this seems like the most valid objection to considering Sip Trunking especially if the existing PBX system has not come to its end-of-life, is in the middle of the lease or has not been fully amortized. If you’re PBX system is not Sip compatible there still is good news. There are many vendors that offer Sip gateways for just about any configuration you might have whether it be three PRI’s or up to a DS3 circuit. And with the cost savings of sip trunking, the ROI is usually within a few short months.

Increasing current bandwidth:

As the cost of long-distance continues to creep down so has the cost of Internet bandwidth. Many times we see our clients increase their bandwidth and wind up paying close to what they were already paying with a smaller bandwidth pipe or a very negligible monthly increase for a lot more significant speed. There are always exceptions, especially in more remote areas but the exceptions are few and far between.

Upgrading or modifying current IT infrastructure:

Other than adding QOS routers and necessary firewalls for sip trunking the concern of massive upgrading or modifying current IT infrastructure is usually an overblown fear. It is usually the addition of video applications that expose organizations are not fully ready with their IT infrastructure. And in many cases this is an issue that has little to do with switching from legacy telecom circuits to Sip Trunking for your voice traffic.  For larger organizations that have equipment in Data Centers there could be some associated costs to upgrading your WAN but the ROI is still usually in less than 12 months.

So just how great are the Benefits for your Contact Center for switching to VOIP?  The average savings on SIP Trunking just on circuits when taken into account upgrades to Infrastructure is about 33%.  For Contact Centers those savings typically increase to about 40-60% because of the vast savings on Toll Free traffic which can be the largest part of your Telecom Spend.  Other benefits are the speed of provisioning additional SIP Trunks.  If your bandwidth needs a speed increase and you have Fiber or Ethernet many carriers can increase the speed within 24-48 hours and the timeline for the Trunks is about the same or sooner.  This is a tremendous improvement over the 45-60 days provisioning for new Legacy Telecom circuits.  Other benefits are the provisioning of DID numbers anywhere in the US, Canada or Globally.  You might have a Test campaign you are considering for a specific geographic market with Radio/TV or other media and without spending too much you can quickly set up a Test campaign because DIDs are available in all Metro Areas and those DIDs are considered as a Local call coming back to your PBX.

There are many studies/whitepapers from sources such as Garttner, Webtorials and others that concur with each other about the Cost Savings with migrating to SIP and whether your phone switch is IP enabled already or you are considering upgrading to IP or you want to consider a Gateway to convert from PRI to SIP the time is now better than ever to move into this Technology that is changing the landscape for millions of Enterprises.

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