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            If you are using a predictive dialer or some kind of manual dialing process and you are faced with the ongoing challenge of speeding up the agent and client sales process there is a newer technology that in many situations can and will move the sales process forward and faster. The ideal situation for this technology to be of a major benefit to your call center is if your sales environment lends itself to using data about the client such as the size of their home or commercial facility. Other situations that are ideal are the size of the home or commercial facility rooftop and its configuration.

            The technology we are referring to is Google Maps Integration with your call center platform. There is a hosted dialer provider that this tool comes automatically with the service. How valuable would being able to see your clients home or office facility within seconds of connecting a call with them be for your Agents? Call centers that are using this technology have seen not only a reduction in call time to speed up the sales process with seeing this kind of data in real time but also coming to a quicker understanding with the client and agreement on what their current facility configuration is. As the old saying goes the camera doesn’t lie, so your sales agents can quickly show to their prospects on the phone that they have already done their research on the client by seeing in full view what the current size of the building currently is and if there is any additional construction that might be going on.

            This technology has been very effective in certain sectors such as energy resellers, solar panel installations & LED lighting in some cases. If your prospect has multiple locations then this tool can be even more valuable on a sales call. There really shouldn’t be any concern of big brother watching because Google has done an amazing job of photographing commercial districts and residential neighborhoods throughout the country so this kind of data is not some kind of ministry or surprise by now. There may be some exceptions and gated communities or individual facilities with very restrictive gated infrastructure.

            There are many tools available with most hosted predictive dialers but this particular tool really sets itself apart to give the agents a tremendous advantage to speed up their sales conversation on the phone with the client. In addition many clients can get an impression that the call center is very professional by using this tool and can build up a higher respect for the call center.




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