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Best Sip Trunking Provider
This blog is all about knowing the best SIP provider. With voice over IP (VoIP) being a hot topic in the unified communications market, many businesses may be looking to migrate from a PSTN telecommunication provider to a SIP trunking provider. In some cases, a VoIP migration involves replacing the whole PBX system with a newer generation VoIP PBX, while some businesses might instead choose to keep costs down by interfacing their PBX with a SIP provider.
It is important to ensure the voice gateway supports an equal amount of concurrent calls on both legs: SIP provider–voice gateway and voice gateway–PBX. Selecting the right SIP service provider is one of the most important steps. The SIP provider must provide a stable service without interruptions, but must also own the physical delivery medium to the company’s premises, also known as the last mile, in order to guarantee quality of service (QoS).
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