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Do you know the benefits you can have from SIP Trunking?

Sip Trunking Benefits


SIP trunks are flexible than traditional “fixed” circuits. If your office loses its connection, phone lines can be rolled over to phones or devices located anywhere on your network or backup facility. It can easily add channels to your SIP trunk to handle increased call volumes.A video connection can be carried over the same network that handles your phone traffic when calls are made between video-enabled IP phones.With SIP trunking, you do not need to replace your existing PBX. Instead, you can install an integrated access device to make your legacy hardware compatible with your new communication technology.

THese are sip trunking benefits you can enjoy  Compatibility, Flexibility and Efficiency. You will not only save money but you can also increase your communications capabilities by migrating to SIP for Internet and telephone services.
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