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SIP Carriers That Have Rate Caps

For Call Centers and other enterprises that have high volumes of SIP Long Distance traffic that like the idea of an NPA/NXX rate deck but have concerns about some calls billed at a much higher rate in suburb and even rural areas because scrubbing leads is too time-consuming there is an alternative type of rate deck that you can use which is called a Rate Deck with a Rate Cap.So for example let’s say your average rate per minute is .011/minute and you’re happy with your carrier but not so ecstatic about the rate and would like to break the sub-penny barrier. Then this solution is ideal because you set the cap at whatever level you wish.And it’s not too likely you will see any significant drop off in contact ratios because All flat rate carriers have margins built in so if they are billing you .011/minute then whatever margin they have built in that they are not willing to lose money on such as NPA/NXX exchanges that cost the carrier .012/minute or higher they are not going to terminate the calls that their switch has been to set to allow or disallow calls at that level.

          With this type of rate deck you will see 2 Major advantages over a Flat Rate offering:

A-   The 1st is that your average rate per minute is going to go down because the Rate Deck with the Rate Cap will have tens of thousands of codes below .01/minute. Some aggressive, quality carriers can have as many as 120,000 or more codes below .007/minute which is over 70% of all USA codes.

B-   The 2nd is that you can ensure you’re never paying what you were before by setting the rate cap at or below what your old Flat Rate carrier is charging you. So if you want to set your rate cap at .01/minute then any calls that are attempted in higher cost areas will not complete and the carrier will send a 503 reject code to your Dialer or Switch.


You might be asking by now what the bottom line to your SIP Long Distance costs would be in this environment and there are a lot of variables based on where your campaigns are calling. But a scenario below would not be out of the norm with a good quality carrier with an aggressive Rate Deck with Rate Cap offering.


Old Plan with Flat Rates 500,000 Minutes x .011 = $5500.00 billing
New Plan with Rate Deck & Rate Cap 500,000 Minutes x .0082 = $4100.00
(Average Rate with Rate Deck and Capped at .01/minute)

$1400.00 savings (25%!!!!)

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