SIP TRUNKING origination

Our organization will help you find the best solutions for SIP Trunking Origination, negotiate the best prices for your specific needs and assist in implementation, account management & network design. With SIP Trunking Origination we typically see our Call Centers have higher Answer rates, Closing ratios for your agents and Call Returns because the End User perceives the Call Center as having a Local Presence if for example they are located in Denver and your Origination DID is a Denver or nearby Denver number even if your Call Center or Dialer is located 1 city or 20 states away.

We represent several carriers who can provide Nationwide DIDs for your SIP Trunking Origination and some for International DIDs as well.

We are offering Low Cost SIP Trunking Origination as low as .0025 per minute whether you have your own premised-based dialer or are using a Hosted SIP dialer.

Our carriers love high volume SIP traffic so there are no Short Duration surcharges and 4 decimal billing for SIP Trunking Origination with most of our Carriers. For International the rates will vary so let our experts help with your specific needs if you want SIP Trunking Origination International service.

Just as in all other SIP Trunking situations having a Redundant SIP Carrier has a lot of benefits and even a Redundant ISP for your Internet if your main ISP loses services or has Intermittent issues that don’t or can’t get resolved in a timely manner. Choosing the right SIP Provider is what we specialize in helping our Clients for reliability and maximum savings.

There are some advantages in many cases to have 1 SIP provider for your Outbound calling (Termination) and a separate SIP provider for your SIP Inbound calling (Origination). With a FREE Consultation we can help determine which option is best for you to have 1 carrier provide all your services or to split between 2 carriers.

If you are still using Traditional TDM Dialers and are just not as familiar with SIP Trunking see the diagram below for a brief overview of how SIP is designed. It has tremendous advantages for adding Remote agents in the US or Internationally.