Through our Associations with trusted Affiliate Programs and Brokers we have a number of Campaigns for your Call Center and there is a fit for just about every situation out there.  The majority of these call center campaigns are business to consumer but we do have a business to business campaign that is very lucrative.  For whichever campaign seems to suit you best please contact us for more details than we are able to put here on our website.  So without too much wasted space please see a list of the detailed campaigns:

Home Security- Business to Consumer

Payout ranges from about $400-$650.00 per deal.

Territories in over 30 states with a Large Alarm Monitoring Company

*****Potential Revenue based on Performance- $20-40,000.00 Gross Per 10 Agents

Residential Energy- Business to Consumer

Payout is about $35.00 per meter.

Territories in several De-regulated States for Electric & Natural Gas

*****Potential Revenue based on Performance- $12-15,000.00 Gross Per 20 Agents

US Agent Warm Transfer Leads- Business to Consumer

Lead Generation only and xferring to another room for closing:

Home Security, Dish/DirectTV, Solar, Med Alert, Auto Warranty, Home Warranty, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Credit Repair, Pain Gel.  These campaigns pay 22.00 per Lead and are ideal for Nearshore, Offshore Call Centers using Voice or Avatars.


We also have Internet leads generated from a Network of over 900 Websites that range from $4.00 per $10.00 per lead.  These are Exclusive Internet Leads, not distributed to more than 1 Client.  They are in several categories such as Home Security, Dish/DirectTV, Pain Gel, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Med Alert, Solar, Credit Repair, Travel and many others.


Because these leads have a buffer of only 60 Seconds making them close to Real-time leads as possible they come at a Premium.  The Categories are the same as the Internet Leads.  The price ranges from $55.00 to $85.00 per Lead.


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