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With the proliferation of online forums, reviews, and other feedback platforms there is a higher level of exposure for bad publicity through word-of-mouth input because of perceived undesirable customer experiences. For many organizations they have already implemented technology solutions to curb this kind of negative feedback which can harm a company and also can help your competitors. But for companies who are still struggling with this problem there are some solutions that can and will curtail this issue if properly implemented.
Whether you have a small call center and are going to the point that you need a robust solution that includes all of the latest technologies or you just have a small team of agents that take incoming calls and just need a solution beyond a traditional telephony system without paying a premium there are some features and technologies when used properly should result in immediate results on customer complaints.
The first feature that will greatly help in this environment can be a standalone or part of a comprehensive solution and that is a feature commonly called Call Monitoring. Many organizations on traditional telephony solutions have no way to monitor/listen to their agents conversations other than hovering over their shoulder. Many negative customer feedback postings can be reduced or eliminated with this one feature alone.
Another component in reducing customer online complaints is a feature called Call Whisper also known as Supervisor Coaching by some providers. This feature is really helpful for agents that are new or are struggling with handling certain customer service issues. Your floor manager/supervisor can whisper (make verbal suggestions) to the agent during the call and the reason this feature is called Call Whisper is because the agent is the only one that can hear the supervisor. This adds another dimension to resolving customer issues before the problem grows into such proportions that they become inclined to post their frustrations and anger in the online world.

The last feature which can be a standalone solution or a complement to the other two is Call Recording. This feature is most ideal in environments where there are a larger number of agents and the ratio of supervisors to agents lends itself to utilizing call recordings to coach your call center agents to improve delivering a positive customer experience. This also can be used to protect your organization also in disputes with credit card charges which helps keeping your merchant account in good standing.
We’ve only scratched the surface for utilizing all the various ways these tools can be used and also how your call center can benefit from these solutions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as it has been said time and again. If you have any concerns that these technologies are too much of Big Brother listening in most agents view these tools as helpful in doing their job as long as there is an environment or culture where agents are allowed some level of mistakes.
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