Rate Deck SIP Trunking Dialer Quotes for US & International Call Centers

Ask our experienced agents to help you find the lowest available rates on Rate Decks (also known as NPA-NXX rates).

We are offering rates as low as .00104 per minute for
SIP Termination Calls

AOT Telecom will find you the lowest cost quality route Rate Decks for Outbound SIP Termination calls that originate in the U.S. and terminate in the U.S. We can also offer the same Rate Decks for Outbound SIP Termination calls that originate from a Foreign location and terminate in the U.S.

No Short Duration Surcharges from most of our carriers. Many TDM carriers have all added Short Duration Surcharges but our High Route Carriers, including Tier 1 Providers accept Dialer Traffic and do not charge for Short Duration Surcharges. They love Dialer Calls because SIP avoids most or all of the costly infrastructure of legacy telephone networks.

Rate Decks can truly cut your Dialer Traffic costs, especially if a high volume of your Calls terminate to Metro areas and well populated towns. Choosing the right SIP Provider is what we specialize in helping our Clients for reliability and maximum savings.

If you are still using Traditional TDM Dialers and are just not as familiar with SIP Trunking see the diagram below for a brief overview of how SIP is designed. It has tremendous advantages for adding Remote agents in the US or Internationally.