Ask our expert Agents to assist you if you want to explore Least Cost Routing for SIP Trunking. If this is your 1st time you’ve heard of Least Cost Routing, then you’ve come to the best place as we’ve have helped many of our Clients over the years in this area.

The initial set up is a little more time-consuming than using just 1 SIP Carrier but the concept of Least Cost Routing has been used for years to manage costs and also an extra level of redundancy. With our help we can assist you in selecting 2 or more SIP Carriers to provide all your Multiple types of Dialer Traffic. You typically will find that 1 Carrier will have the lowest Outbound SIP Trunking Termination rates, another Carrier will have the lowest Inbound SIP Trunking Termination and the same goes for SIP Trunking Toll Free, SIP Trunking International and SIP Trunking ITFS (International Toll Free Services).

Yes, you could potentially have to manage several bills so this method of operating a Call Center is not for everyone but if your volume of minutes is significant in 2 or more Types of SIP Traffic there is a high chance of tremendous savings. Choosing the right SIP Provider is what we specialize in helping our Clients for reliability and maximum savings.

The Diagram below is just a fractional snapshot of the Least Cost Routing (LCR) architecture that Carriers use to reduce their own costs. There are many moving parts to a phone call and in one of our future blogs we will get into greater detail about LCR.
SIP Trunking Least Cost Routing