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                So your call center is coming along fine, your dialer is working well, and you have a primary and perhaps a secondary/failover sip carrier for your dialer traffic. But maybe there is still one thing that keeps you up at night and that is it seems that there should be more potential customers answering your phone calls so your agents can pitch them on your wonderful product or service and they become your next satisfied customer.

Let’s go through a quick checklist to see if you have set everything up to optimize the highest answer ratio you can possibly get with your current solutions in place:

1)-You are using a real phone number on your caller ID display

2)-You are using a localized phone number on your caller ID display, a phone number with an area code in the same area code of your potential customers or a nearby area code.

3)-You are displaying something in the name field of your dialer so that your potential customers will not see the word “unknown”.

4)-You are Not recycling the same lead list a dozen times with the same outbound caller ID

5)-You are using a VOIP provider that is terminating all calls or the vast majority of all calls into any region of the US or Canada.

Okay, if you are 100% certain about number one through four then you are off to a good start but if you are not 100% certain about number five this is the area that many call centers do not realize is hurting their answer ratios. A very common perception is that the best VOIP or SIP Trunking provider is one that offers a flat rate below a penny a minute. If your call center is selling a product or service that has a 60 day or longer payout and your cash resources are very tight then yes this may be the best option for your call center. But in the long run if you don’t get off the cycle this is hurting your call center.

Here’s how: all VOIP providers that offer a low flat rate per minute option have margin built-in, which means that every call that is made outside of their margin of acceptable profitability will not be terminated. So what that means is for all those calls that fall into that category the carrier will send back a 503 reject code. This greatly affects your answer ratio and ties up your dialer as well as burns through leads that you have paid for because those calls will never be terminated by that carrier. So if your products or services you are selling are paid after a few days or within a week or two you probably have enough cash reserves to cover a potential higher telecom cost which will be more than made up by the higher number of calls that are answered which will translate into higher sales.

For a real-world example let us take a call center that is selling alarm services. If your call center averages 200,000 minutes per month and you have a flat rate of .007 per minute then your monthly bill would be $1400 pre-tax. And let us just say that your average sale generates $200 in profit after all your employee commissions x 80 sales per month that = 16,000.00 in profits.  If you used a VOIP carrier that you averaged for example .009 per minute then in the same scenario your monthly bill would be $1800 pre-tax. But if you averaged just 20% more in sales that would equal 8 x $200 = $1600 more in profits. So your monthly bill for telecom just went up by $400, but your monthly profits went up by $3200 and based on that you would net $2800 more in profits. It’s not every day you can give yourself a $33,000 a year raise but this is one way to do it.

In most cases we see call centers with low flat rate per minute carriers there is typically a higher average wait time in between calls for their agents. This brings on more disgruntled agent attitudes as well as lower sales and lower profits. The best solution to alleviate this problem is to use dialer rate decks. Rate decks typically cover 90 to 100% of all USA and sometimes Canada codes. There are many flat rate offerings in the market that only cover 40 to 70% of all USA codes.

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