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          We’ve all done it and know it. We pick up the phone, say hello, hear the pause or delay on the other end and we know after experience it’s a telemarketer. So we’re just about to eat dinner or sit down to our favorite tv show or a number of other things and we just make a quick decision to hang up the phone. As a Call Center owner or manager you know that this is a reality that your agents face and you just accept it as part of the process.
          So what if there was a way to at least give your Agents a shot at making their introduction and pitch to your prospects who otherwise hang up the phone before they even get that shot? In an article on bizreport there was a study which was conducted by Harris Interactive, that pause is the reason that half (49%) of consumers hang up. And yet, the same research shows that the majority of consumers who will answer calls from unfamiliar numbers (87%) aren’t averse to being proactively contacted by companies and organizations.
          You could put your Dialer on preview mode or progressive mode but if you have 15 or more agents you lose much of the effectiveness of those modes. It’s why you chose to go to Predictive mode. But all the Predictive dialers have that Pause/Delay. Not so any more. There are a couple of choices today and 1 of them that has removed the pause/delay is inContact. But bear in mind that they are open to blended campaigns of typically half inbound calls, not primary outbound calls. If your campaigns are weighted heavily on the outbound dialing mode there is another Predictive Dialer solution that has No restrictions on outbound calls.
          Our clients that have switched to this solution have seen an average of a 30% increase in sales and not only that but they love the fact that they don’t lose out on what Dialing ratio they had before, better reporting statistics compared to a lot of other Dialers such as VICI Dial, Goautodial and over 80 core features, unlimited USA calls and much more. Predictive Dialer without the pause or delay is finally here!!
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