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Many small call centers today are struggling with getting enough appointments or sales due to the increase of the DNC list, the no calling of cell phones with automated dialers in fewer consumers willing to pick up and answer their phone. So with the shrinking pool of available prospects to work with what are your best options?
If you have a small call center that says appointments for your service techs such as air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, solar there are many more alternatives today but not every option is the perfect fit for every call center. You may have gone from your call center agents manually dialing to a predictive dialer and when your call center has a consistent headcount of 15 or more agents that kind of solution will sometimes be your best bet.
But the hurdles you can run into with using a dialer is that if your daily headcount fluctuates so much that some days you have eight people filling the seats and some days maybe 12 you lose the value of what I predictive dialer is designed for which is an environment of many agents to take the advantage of multiple dials per agent using algorithms which will increase the likelihood of a live call transfer consistently.

The landmines that you can encounter are:

A-High amounts of Abandoned Calls (this can be due to lack of an available agent or a failure in the dialer system).
B-The pause/delay which more and more consumers are understanding that it’s a telemarketer calling and when they hear this pause or delay they are more prone to hang up the phone.
C- High monthly costs per agent that could take several months of learning the system and tweaking how it’s used before there is an ROI.
Thanks to technology advancements there are other options for small call centers that bring advantages and efficiencies over automated dialers. The best option for today’s small call center to migrate from a manual dialing process is a technology called click to dial or as some providers call it click to call out.

Click to dial is delivered by a VOIP provider via a browser plug-in whereby the agent can make outbound calls with a simple click of a mouse on any webpage, including a web-based CRM such as Salesforce or Zoho, any phone number on a webpage such as a recruiter that finds their leads on recruiting ad websites. Another way click to dial can be used for cost conscious call centers is by uploading your leads in a Excel file to a webpage such as Google drive and an opening in Google spreadsheets (Google Docs).

Numbers Highlighted in Spreadsheet Ready for Dialing





We have clients that in the past were able to make 150 to 200 dials per day manually per Agent and with Click to Dial their agents are now making over 500 dials per day. Eliminating having to dial 11 digits while also eliminating the pause or delay that a dialer has can dramatically increase the answer ratio.

For the small call center that is dialing in a localized geographic area a local number will usually be sufficient for people to trust a number because they will most likely recognize the area code as being a local number, but if your call center is calling nationwide you can also increase your answer ratio by using localized DIDs for each campaign your calling into. For example if you are calling Chicago, a DID with area code 312 should be sufficient for calling there in all the surrounding towns. DIDs can run as low as one dollar per DID and if you are calling for example the top 25 Metro areas in the country you’re not adding a lot to your monthly phone bill compared to the ROI with the increase answer ratio.

There are a few steps for implementation with the click to dial and with over hundreds of VOIP companies it really is wise to not just choose any company that has the technology. Plug-and-play with very little or no technical support can be a hair pulling experience. If you would like assistance in learning about this technology and how it can benefit your call center, please contact us at any of our numbers below and we will be glad to give you FREE consultation.



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