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So which is better Hosted Dialers or Premise-Based dialers? A very common question and for some Call Centers there are no easy answers. In the SIP Trunking world they both have their place. But, generally speaking if you are a startup Call Center and concerned about cash flow and also the learning curve time then a hosted dialer service might be your best bet. And if your Call Center only grows to 10, 15, or 20 agents Hosted Dialer services not the worst thing you could do.On the other hand if cash flow and the learning curve time for your IT person or dialer tech is not a major concern then owning a Premise-Based Dialer has far more advantages than a Hosted Dialer. Hosted Dialer companies typically charge a per seat or per server rate and some bundle in some long-distance minutes or just give unlimited long-distance minutes. And others charge usage by a per minute rate that can range from a penny to 2.5 cents per minute. What you lose with a hosted dialer service is control of your choice of carriers in most situations. So even if you find a Hosted Dialer company that will offer you a flat penny per minute you have no control over what percentage of your calls are actually going to be delivered. 

Many of the Hosted Dialer companies will either block calls to certain areas or deliver some kind of error code so you never get the chance to reach your prospective customer.With a Premise-Based Dialer you are in the driver seat for choosing your own carriers and maximizing the most amount of destinations that you can have a completed call. If your campaigns are primarily densely populated areas only then this advantage of a Premise-Based Dialer may not be a concern to you. So the other advantages with a Premise-Based Dialer that would be more appealing to you would be having the latest version of the Dialer software, the latest upgrades and any customization that you might want added.

So how do the two options compare to each other to your bottom line cost? A Hosted Dialer service can run as low as $15 per agent for renting the service/server. In addition you have your usage for long-distance. The low end to high in options in the marketplace range from about $50-$250 per agent with a Hosted Dialer, depending on whether you want bare-bones or a highly sophisticated solution. With a Premise-Based Dialer your upfront investment can run you under $1000 per 24 seat server. After the cost of the server you’re only monthly costs is for your long-distance usage which depending on your calling patterns or which carrier or carriers you decide upon can range from $30-$60 per agent.If you already have a Hosted Dialer such as an open-source dialer like Asterisk or VICI Dial and would like to have the power in your hands of owning a Premise-Based Dialer that is open source then you are already way ahead of the curve since you are already familiar with features, functionality and abilities. We have helped several call centers who were renting a Hosted Dialer and went to owning a Premise-Based Dialer while also helping them select carriers to lower their long-distance usage charges.

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