There are many Hosted (Cloud-based) Dialers in the marketplace with a variety of options such as pay by the seat, pay by the hour or pay by the seat and per minute.And feature by feature there are many similarities amongst most of the platforms out freedaymemothere with not too many that can truly say they differentiate much one from the other.One of the leading platforms because of their Marketing is known as Five 9.Whether you are using Five 9 or have heard of them we have a platform with nearly every feature that Five 9 offers plus also the ability for specialized programming to remove the Pause (Delay) if using in Predictive Mode.All this for about half the cost of Five 9.



If you are wbcanting to move from Manual dialing to a Predictive dialing environment you can see gains of 200-300% Productivity.



Since agents are only connecting to live people their productivity can increase dramatically compared to manual dialing.  This will also improve Agent morale as well as Contacts & Sales.

Other modes are available as well to maximize your Call Center based on each campaign you are running.  An agent floor overview is also included so owners & floor managers can see real-time in a floor Map what is going on.


Here are some of the advantages with the solution:

 • Higher uptime than Five 9
• Predictive modes as high as 10:1 Ratio
• Predictive dialer mode with the option of removing the pause (delay)
• Easy interface for admin and agents
• Better tech support
• Up to 50% lower monthly costs over Five 9
• Google Maps integration for instant viewing of Consumer
• Over 80 Features including Skills-based Routing, Google Maps integration, Full CRM without extra Licensing.


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