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            Do you ever really wonder if you have the best solution for your call center or wish you did have the best solution for your call center? In the hosted dialer industry many people are aware that Five 9 is one of the leading solutions in the marketplace. But now there is a better solution and 90% of customers who view the demo and use the one week free trial switch away from Five 9 to this solution.

            The remaining 10% that don’t switch usually are more of a blended or mostly inbound contact center who need more detailed reporting on agents. But for call centers that are primarily outbound this solution has so many advantages that companies are compelled to switch after they’ve used it for one week.

Here are some of the advantages with the solution:

  • 100% uptime
  • Better Call Quality
  • Predictive dialer mode without the pause or delay
  • Easier interface for admin and agents
  • Better tech support
  • 30 to 50% lower monthly costs
  • Customized APIs for minimal or no cost at all
  • Leads remain in the system for as long as you want
  • Over 80 Features including Skills-based Routing, Google Maps integration, Full CRM without extra Licensing.


These are just some of the main advantages and if you are wondering about the dialer mode without the pause or delay this solution has a proprietary technology that can be tweaked to the point where there is virtually no pause or delay. Today’s consumers have become so adept at distinguishing tones theyhear on their phones that when they perceive there is a pause or delay on the other end of the line and there is an on recognizable phone number associated with the call then they are up to 50% more likely to hang up the phone.

Reducing the hangups is going to logically increase your sales and your Call Center agent experience. So you might be asking how and why is this solution this much less costly up to 50%? There are probably many reasons such as higher company salaries among others but the most important reason is Five 9 has a very large online budget. They spend a terrific amount of money to keep their rankings on the net very high. This benefits brand awareness but you as a call center don’t receive any additional value for this. So our solution provider keeps their online budget very low and the prefers to pass on their pastor savings on to you.

If you would like to learn more about this technology for your call center or would like to schedule a demo please contact us at our contact numbers below.

Toll Free Number 1-888-632-4228, email or if you would like to receive our Blogs please click this link.

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