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You’ve probably heard by now many times over the advantages of SIP Trunking but you may not have heard how for Toll Free the advantages are amplified even moreso than all other Tecommunications Services.

Above & beyond the flexibility, cost savings on equipment and no long term commitments to a single carrier there are some advantages or benefits unique to Toll Free traffic with SIP Trunking.

Toll Free US DIDs


First example is if your organization advertises on any kind of media, TV, Radio, the Web, etc and you run specific Ads in specific markets then with SIP you can now eliminate the cost of Toll Free numbers and per minute charges by using DIDs which are available in about 99% of the US.  In the past with PRI & Digital T1s to get a Local DID in a different state than where your Contact Center is was usually cost prohibitive for the per minute charges.  But with SIP the incoming calls on a DID are free.  You just pay a small monthly fee per DID and of course the SIP Trunks at your Contact Center.

IP Routing USA & Canada


The second example is if your organization advertises in a Shotgun method and don’t have control over where the calls come in from then you still need to keep your Toll Free numbers but with  SIP Trunking technology there are carriers that have built out all  IP Networks and are able to offer Large Contact Centers via special IP routing in 22 of the most populated states with rates as low as .005/minute and a competitive default rate for the other states.  There are also SIP carriers that can provide toll free calls throughout the US at rates below a penny a minute.  Lastly, if your traffic is a heavy mix of Canada & US there are still a few other carriers that can blend the 2 countries into 1 Rate for both at rates far below traditional telecom.If you would like to learn more about this please view our website or contact us by email or phone for a Free Evaluation & Consultation.


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