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Negotiate with your Current Carrier

This strategy is probably the easiest for most business enterprises because you are just an email or phone call away from eliminating your monthly costs you are charged for all your toll free numbers. There is one reason why your Current Carrier would be willing to negotiate with you on your Toll Free Number charges but first 2 questions need to be answered.

1-The billing policies in place. are they flexible or inflexible?
2- How much Monthly Traffic do you have per Toll Free Number?

If your traffic (Minutes Usage) is such that you have a Large number of Marketing Campaigns through various media, Print, Radio, TV, Web and you are using specific numbers for each campaign you might have hundreds or thousands of toll free numbers. So the reality is if your traffic is a few dollars for many of your toll free numbers or even just a couple hundred dollars the odds will not be tipped in your favor for much negotiation to lower your monthly costs. If on the other hand your traffic is in the thousands of dollars per month per number your chances become much greater for negotiations. So a 10,000 toll free number bill that might be $30,000 to $40,000 per month could be drastically reduced or completely eliminated with the right amount of monthly usage.

• Become Your Own Toll Free Resporg

Here is another strategy that in some situations is very beneficial to implement. The majority of companies use a Toll Free service provider that is also known as the Toll Free Resporg for your account. In other words, the Responsible Org(anization) for managing your Toll Free Numbers for Porting, Adding, Removing & Routing of your traffic. You also can become your own Resporg, giving you the ability to have Full Control of your Toll Free Number Management and getting rid of your monthly charges per number. There are 3rd party companies that can provide your company with Certification Training to become your own Toll Free Resporg.

There are fees associated with this training but relatively small compared to the monthly savings of charges for your numbers. Depending on how many numbers your organization has and how many changes need to be made on a daily or weekly basis the other associated cost would be the costs of an employee you would determine to be dedicated part-time or full-time to this function.

Use a Carrier that charges $0.00 per Toll Free Number
This last strategy is the best one if you are not completely married to your current Toll Free service carrier and are open to considering other options. There are a limited number of Telecom Carriers that have billing policies in place where there is no charge per month for every number no matter what the quantity you have. For many Carriers this monthly portion of your bill in spite of their claims they have admin they have to recoup is really a cash cow for them because most functions today are electronically done and removes much of the human input required in times past.

Of the few Carriers that have a $0.00 Billing policy for Toll Free numbers is the simplest strategy because there are no long, drawn-out negotiations required, there is no certification required of becoming your own Resp Org and the Per Minute Rates are just as competitive or better as those carriers who do charge monthly fees for your Toll Free Numbers. This strategy is really ideal for Enterprises that maintain large amounts of numbers or are planning to ramp up into adding large amounts of new Toll Free Numbers.

Our company can assist your organization with any of these Strategies and we don’t for our Consultation. We benefit by being compensated by our Carriers and 3rd Party providers and pass on the savings & knowledge to you of our 18 years of experience in the Industry.

If you would like to learn more about these strategies please contact us by email or phone for a Free Evaluation & Consultation.


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