SIP Trunking Termination

As low as
.00104 per minute

SIP Trunking Toll free

As low as
.0033 per minute

SIP Trunking / wholesale for carriers

As low as
.00056 per minute

Hosted Contact Center Software Solutions

Hosted Contact Center Solutions
We are AOT Telecom and we are Telecom Experts specializing in SIP Trunking for Dialers with No Short Duration Surcharges. We are a Master Agent for Dozens of Carriers and are Channel Partners for over 200 Domestic & International Carriers. Our founder has been servicing Telecom Clients for 14 years & our Agency is celebrating our 6th Year in business.
We represent all the best and most competitive Carriers for Domestic & Global SIP Communications every type of call no matter where your Dialer is located. We also specialize in Domestic & International DIDs, Hosted Dialers, Call Center solutions such as Call Recording, Merchant Services and IVR. Choosing the right SIP Provider is what we specialize in helping our Clients for reliability and maximum savings.
If you have specialized needs such as low cost SIP Trunking for Robo Dialers, Voice Message Blasting, or if you are a Hosted Dialer Provider we have retail and wholesale rates available for domestic and international calls. Our SIP Carriers are ideal for survey companies, political polling companies, and other heavy users of SIP Dialers. We also have solutions for SIP Dialers that need 1 second incremental billing. Our company is always working hard for our clients by continuing to search for the most reliable and lowest cost SIP Providers. We look forward to working with you and serving your needs.

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